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The family-run La Corona farm was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing Moscato di Scanzo.  Both the farm and the vineyard are located in the territory of Tribulina, in the hilly area of Scanzorosciate, on the first slopes of the Bergamo Prealps. The vineyard is surrounded by a centuries-old forest where all kinds of wild animals thrive. The steep slope and full exposure to the South and South-East ensure that all the power of the sun is captured and enclosed in the dark bunches of Moscato di Scanzo. During the harvest, the grape bunches are placed on racks for a long period of drying, then crushed and left to mature for two years in a fresh cellar dug into the rock. This is how it an excellent Moscato di Scanzo DOCG is produced.  
 The company’s philosophy is to take care of the small-scale production of its products, focusing entirely on quality. The continuous search for innovation, combined with a healthy tradition, has made it possible to achieve excellent results. 
A brief description of the history and legend of this meditation wine. It is said that Ateste (the founder of Este) stopped on the banks of the Serio river, introducing a red grape which inspired the name “Ros” (red vine). Over time it became Rosate and later Rosciate. The first written historical account dates back to 1347 and can be traced back to the wars between Guelfi di Scanzo and Ghibellini di Rosciate over the coveted “Moscadello” casks. Many centuries later, in 1780, painter and architect Quarenghi donated this wine to empress Catherine II of Russia, and from there Moscato di Scanzo gained its fame and notoriety all over the world, becoming the most expensive wine listed on the London stock exchange in the mid-1800s. 
A red grape Moscato Passito, a wine of great quality made from native grapes grown on an area of just 31 hectares, exclusively in the hills of the municipality of Scanzorosciate, in the province of Bergamo. The name is limited to this area due to the typical nature of a rock called ‘Sass de Luna’: a very particular marl limestone formation that emerges on the hills of Scanzesi. It is incredibly hard and resilient, but when exposed to the typical hillside microclimate and weather, it crumbles into dust. This gives the soil a high minerality and low water supply: two fundamental characteristics for this type of grape, which over time becomes very drought-resistant, healthier, more fragrant and richer in aromas associated to the Moscato family. It also builds up solar heat during the day and protects the roots from frost over night. 
Given its very limited production, it is a niche product, refined and unique with an unmistakable flavour.  

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