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In Liguria olive growing goes back to ancient times: Benedictine monks in the Middle Ages taught Ligurian peasants the art of terracing mountainsides in order to create new strips of land to grow olive trees of the renowned Taggiasca variety, a cultivar that, in the Riviera Ligure di Ponente area, enjoy an ideal climate, being mitigated by sea breezes.
Oil production is limited compared with other Italian regions, but of excellent quality, and well known to Italian and foreign consumers.
The Müaje farm was founded in 2007, in the small village of Candeasco, in the province of Imperia, on the sunny hills of the Impero Valley where the green of the meadows and woods contrasts with the bright silver of centuries-old olive trees.
It is here, in this difficult yet generous land, that Enrica Marvaldi continues the family tradition handed down from generation to generation with infinite determination. Today the farm has about 600 plants of centuries-old olive trees of exclusive Taggiasca variety, spread over three hectares of land, partly recovered from a state of abandonment and cultivated using eco-sustainable and traditional agronomic practices.
The complete elimination of chemical products harmful to the environment and to humans, such as insecticides and herbicides, is a very important choice that marked the beginning of organic farming methods.
Manual harvesting and pressing of the olives at the family's oil mill, involving a continuous cycle with cold extraction, are carried out on the same day, with olives not yet completely ripe, to obtain an extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and very low in acidity. Oil is stored in steel silos, in an air-conditioned environment between 15°C and 18°C, keeping the fragrance and fruity taste of fresh oil stable over time, until it is bottled.
Two types of oil are obtained: Riviera Ligure - Riviera dei Fiori DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in limited quantities, controlled and certified by the Protection Consortium, and Monocultivar Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil; both yellow with green hues, medium-light fruity flavour and a lingering vegetable aroma.
In addition to oil, the farm produces olives in brine and Taggiasche olive pâté, following the traditional Ligurian recipe.

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