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La Piazza dei Mestieri

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La Piazza dei Mestieri works towards developing the often hidden potential of young people during the delicate phase that takes them from adolescence to adult life.
The project involves the presence of great "master craftsmen", who introduce young people to the world of work, getting them involved in both production and market sales, in a typical school/workshop setting.
The productions of chocolate, beer and baked goods, as well as the restaurant and the La Piazza Brewery have thus created places for young people to get together, learn and feel supported into the world of work through the daily creation of handmade products of excellence.
Thanks to the creativity of the chocolate chefs, Salvatore and Marina Minniti, and from the passion of all the La Piazza dei Mestieri chocolatiers, a range of products made with delicious handmade chocolate has been developed. Numerous recipes, both classic or revisited, that unite tradition with the desire to experiment. New high quality raw materials, with cocoa from South America and prized local hazelnuts. The skill, love and passion put into these products make them unique, thought out using various combinations of tastes and surprising flavours that are sure to provide moments of pure pleasure.
A symbol of the much loved confectionery traditions of Turin and Piedmont, appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Since its foundation in 2004, the La Piazza dei Mestieri  confectionery has placed the pursuit of quality and excellence at the heart of its activity. Gianduiotti, chocolate bars, pralines, orange fillets, lemon zest and gianduja chocolate
The brewery is located in the inner courtyard of the former Florio tannery, the site where, in 2004, the "Piazza dei Mestieri" project born, with the aim of creating a meeting point for young people in an educational context. La Piazza dei Mestieri clearly draws its inspiration from the setting of the "Piazza" or town squares of the past, a place where you can experience a positive approach to life, learn to work and make the most of your talents, particularly through the revival of manual processes and the rediscovery of local traditional crafts.
The La Piazza Brewery has been a landmark for craft beer enthusiasts for over ten years.
Using natural raw materials, water, malt, hops, yeasts and various artisan processes, these master brewers bring the art of beer to Turin.
La Piazza dei Mestieri is one of the most dynamic education and business foundations in Italy, every year hundreds of young people are trained by established artisans and professionals who impart a wealth of traditional technical skills and a passion for a trade that will help them become the protagonists of their own future.

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