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CENTOperCENTO - Consorzio di Belfiore - Terre di Gemma

100% Apple; 100% Natural

Consorzio Ortofrutticolo di Belfiore S.a.c was established in 1957, in Belfiore, a flat area in the east of Verona surrounded by the gentle slopes of the Soavese hills and lapped by the Adige river, the Consorzio Ortofrutticolo di Belfiore S.a.c. The agricultural cooperative, made up of 60 members, is dedicated to fruit growing, in particular apples. The Belfiore apple is deeply rooted in the utmost respect for local biodiversity and the adoption of sustainable cultivation practices. Today, Belfiore brings this fruit to your table as if it were freshly picked, with its line of juices extracted directly from the apples. All the natural goodness of the apple, in an explosion of vitamins and antioxidants taken straight from the fruit. Our CENTOperCENTO juices, as the name suggests, are 100% extracted from the apple, 7 monovarieties and 2 mixes, produced using artisanal methods and slow juicing to guarantee the highest quality. No additives, just a moment in the pasteurizer to make the product stable over time. A concentration of nature, brought to you directly from the farmer. In the most recent edition of Sol&Agrifood, CENTOperCENTO juices received the Golosario 2018 Award in the drinks sector.
The COB farm also places great importance on respect for the environment and shows its members "light" and compatible cultivation techniques and integrated fruit pest control methods through the provision of careful and scrupulous production regulations. In addition, COB has installed photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its warehouses to produce energy from renewable sources, with significant reduction in CO2 emissions. As well as the "conventional" production that respects Veneto's regional regulations (among the most restrictive on the European fruit scene), zero-residue "controlled" production, suitable for industrial product processing for "Baby foods", has been established, and more recently, the cooperative has entered the "certified organic" produce sector, rounding off its entire product range. The cooperative (which works with and for edible products/food, something every consumer needs and therefore of great importance) adheres to the "Good, clean and fair" food manifesto, which for some years now has been adopted as part of the Slow Food movement.
The production is clean, carried out using respectful, sustainable cultivation practices, it is controlled and certified. Work towards putting the best methods into practice is therefore ongoing, with the main focus on the consumer and the territory.
The production is fair, as the Cooperative's founding value and common practice is to give all value added to the associate producer, who can then invest even further to provide the best possible final product. To do this, it is imperative to work side by side with the members, that is why rather than buying the fruit, only contributions are accepted, avoiding any speculation.
Within the limits of possibility, the tendency has always been towards shortening the supply chain and arriving as close as possible to the consumer. And finally, the annual financial statements are always at zero profit, effectively transferring any potential profits into payment for products supplied by members with objective merit-based criteria that reward not so much the quantity as the quality produced. All with maximum transparency and fairness.

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