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De Carlo

Masters of olive oil since the 1600s 

Apulia's economy has always been closely linked to olives: olive oil production is a genuine resource for the region, particularly the Bari area. 
This is where the story of Azienda De Carlo began in 1600. The cultivation of magnificent olives on the family's land is documented in the most ancient sources relating to the town of Bitritto (BA). 
In 1651, Nicola de Mariano de Carolo bought a small house on the edge of Bitritto, and in 1668 he extended his oil-producing facilities with the purchase of an "angu/um terrarum pa/morum viginta in circa situm in suburbio eiusdem terre "Bitricti" iusta domum sive /amiam... justa trappetum novum diete magnifice universitatis a tergo, viam pubticem", in other words, a small piece of land which separated his home from the new mill. 
And that is the very building that still belongs to the De Carlo family, and which has been recently restored to display all the layered beauty of the ancient mill. 
The De Carlos were to continue their activities as Master Oil producers throughout the nineteenth century. Their "patente", or license to sell oil both wholesale and retail, dates from 1811. 
The early 20th century brought major national and international recognition for the De Carlo family's high quality product. During this period, Serafina De Carlo and her husband Antonio Lisi were fundamental in running the business, and responsible for the consolidation of the quality of the De Carlo oils. 
And now to the present. Since 1980 the company has been managed by husband and wife Saverio and Grazia De Carlo, joined in recent years by their son Francesco, daughter Marina and son-in-law Arturo. The new generations, united by the shared passion inherited from their parents, have developed a company policy focused on a short production chain (most of the raw materials come from their own land), high quality, improved flavour and maximum customer satisfaction. 
Alongside oil production, the De Carlo family – always attentive to new market trends – has created a line of vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil, olives in brine, pasta sauces and delicious creams, all produced in conventional and organic versions. The entire range of preserves is produced in the company's modern factory. 

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