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Frantoio Franci was founded in the 1950s, in Montenero d'Orcia, a small hilltop village on the slopes of the Amiata Mountain, overlooking the Val d'Orcia valley, when brothers Franco and Fernando Franci bought a historic olive grove called Villa Magra and restructured an ancient barn to make an oil mill. The year 1995 represented an important step in the company's history, it saw the beginning of the collaboration between Fernando and his son Giorgio who added to his father's expertise by bringing with him a new burst of enthusiasm and initiative. Making their extra virgin olive oil known internationally became the main objective, but it was immediately clear that direct sales alone, the only sales up until then, would neither fulfill this ambition nor guarantee the mill the future they hoped for. They soon realised they were in a difficult situation:
“We were unknown, our size and facilities did not allow us to compete with the prices of big producers and, what's more, our production experience was unable to find continuity in the commercial field. So we chose the path of quality, the only one that is both stimulating and feasible for us, absolute quality, sought after without compromise of any kind”.
Special Oil Selection
And so, in 1996, Villa Magra dei Franci, our first bottled extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively with the olives from the Villa Magra olive grove, was put on the market. To our concept of quality we added selection, interpretation and terroir. Villa Magra, with its intense fruitiness, became the company's flagship and is the forefather of the other eight labels.
In 1997 the company saw the first production of the lightly fruity Olivastra Seggianese, using a single-variety olive from the centuries-old olive groves on Monte Amiata. Then, in 1999, the medium fruity Le Trebbiane appeared, which was soon awarded the first of three Leone d’Oro prizes won by the mill.
Villa Magra Gran Cru
With the evolution of our production philosophy, new objectives were developed and the concept of "Cru" took shape. In 2000, Villa Magra Gran Cru was born, the very best olives from "Chiusello", a small area of the Villa Magra olive grove, where land and vegetation have very particular characteristics.
This extra virgin is the result of careful selection and special attention, it stands out for its elegance, softness and great aromatic length, as well as its exceptional chemical make up: more than 540 mg/kg of polyphenols (expressed in caffeic acid) guarantee an extraordinary antioxidant charge.
Villa Magra Gran Cru is produced exclusively from the best vintages and every bottle numbered, up to a maximum quantity of 2,100 liters.
Basic Oil Selection
Over the years, in order to diversify production and to meet both economic and business needs, the company added a basic selection: Fiore del Frantoio, which manages to combine the honesty of good oil at an affordable price for everyday kitchen use; organically farmed La Cinciallegra; Frantoio Franci, a characteristic product that is excellent value for money; and origin certified Frantoio Franci Toscano IGP.
Our Production Philosophy
All Frantoio Franci olive oils are labelled according to strict criteria of origin and quality standards defined by their sensory characteristics and chemical parameters, guaranteeing ongoing quality to the consumer year after year. Any oils that do not meet the criteria are downgraded. The seasonal variables, which determine the quality of the crops and make this job stimulating, influence the quantity of the finished product but not its overall quality. The year of production has the power to determine that subtle and fascinating margin that separates a good bottle from an outstanding product.
A Special Event
In June 2003, "Villa Magra Gran Cru" was the winner at the international invitation-only tasting of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world organized by the Grand Jury Européen at Château Branire. Following this success, in October 2003, the president of the Grand Jury Européen, François Mauss, proposed and organized an exchange of 100 bottles of "Villa Magra Gran Cru" for 100 bottles of great Bordeaux wines, including Latour, Lafite, Petrus, Cheval Blanc etc.

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