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Legù Itineri New Directions in Food

Legù 100% legumes 100% creativity

Legù began its journey in 2015, alongside its creator (ITineri srl - New Directions in Food), as the brainchild of Monica Neri, food technologist, cooking and nutrition enthusiast, mother, and young businesswoman for almost 4 years. During her pregnancy, Monica was diagnosed with diabetes and had to limit her diet by excluding sugars, so she dedicated herself to making the first (not pasta) handmade pasta exclusively from legumes. As she explains it herself: "ITineri's philosophy is simple and precise: 'food can, and must, be improved'. Therefore, it can, and must, be healthier, tastier and easier to prepare, and always 100% natural”. With this in mind, Monica started her journey from one of the pillars of Italian cuisine: pasta. To the point of making it a true revolution.
Among Legù's specialties you will find the Non è Pasta (It's not Pasta) line: artisanally processed pasta, perfectly balanced nutritionally and made from three or four legumes (chickpeas, white beans and yellow peas or chickpeas, white beans, yellow peas and yellow lentils)
And then, Legù Bio, artisanally processed and perfectly balanced pasta made from two legumes (chickpeas and yellow lentils).
Each is available in a variety of formats, from fusilli to paccheri, to lasagne, including those best loved by kids, such as 'chicche' and 'sorrisi'.
Today, the Legù range does not stop at pasta: the collection has been enriched with numerous innovations, including flours, snacks, biscuits, muffin mixes and small pizzas, with breadsticks soon to be added to the list, always 100% legumes.
Legù boasts a great many distinctive characteristics, first and foremost its craftsmanship and Italianness. Add innovative recipes, closely studied to create the perfect nutritional balance of legumes, that guarantee maximum protein and fiber content and minimum carbohydrates (sugars), as well as fast cooking times (2/3 minutes).
The entire Legù range is 100% natural, free from preservatives and additives and made exclusively from Italian legumes, and is also perfect for children. It is perfect for sportsmen, thank to its high-protein content; for celiacs, as it is gluten-free; for vegans, as it only contains vegetable proteins; for diabetics, thanks to its very low-carbohydrate content and low glycemic index; and for anyone who wants to stay in good physical shape, due to it being natural and light.

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