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It’s a journey back in time, travelling old roads buried deep in the green Molise countryside; in this rarefied atmosphere everything is ancient, the hills are gentle and the light shines golden among olive groves and fields of wheat.
The star in this scene is the olive tree, which characterizes the landscape and history of this region. This is the birthplace of the fragrant oil produced by Marina Colonna, who since 1996 has managed the farm she inherited from her father, Don Francesco Colonna. 
In addition to growing cereals, sunflowers, rapeseed, pulses and vegetables, there are the olive groves, extending over sixty hectares of land, the farm’s pride and joy. There are traditional vase-grown trees of cultivars typical of the local area (Gentile di Larino, Rosciola, Leccino) planted in 1990, as well as monocone groves with various cultivars (Peranzana, Nocellara, Frantoio, Coratina, FS17, Itrana, Termite di Bitetto, Nocellara del Belice, Maiatica, Carolea, Cima di Melfi, Ascolana, Pendolino and Kalamata).
Four extra virgin olive oils are produced and packaged on the estate: Colonna Blend, a medium-fruity oil whose characteristics remain constant each year and which is therefore recognizable, partly because it is the result of a precise balance of different cultivars; DOP Selection, made from the area’s three typical olive varieties; this oil has a distinctive personality, with lingering aromas of artichoke and tomato alongside cut grass and almond, and a medium fruity aftertaste; "Peranzana", a single-cultivar oil, unmistakable for its high levels of polyphenols and its exceptional bouquet; and Organic Oil, produced according to certified organic farming methods. 
​Prized Peranzana olives are used to produce a yellow oil with green highlights. The flavour is slightly fruity with tones of grass and sweet almonds and a touch of tartness. The bouquet gives a delicate sensation of fruity olive and fresh grass. The use of low environmental impact techniques (fertilization using compost and manure, light winter pruning and green summer pruning), early harvesting (from the first of October) using pneumatic combs to shorten the time required and continuous-cycle cold extraction in the company’s mill within 12 hours ensure the high quality standards of these oils.

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