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Remembering our history, our logo is taken from the time of our father's father. An olive, our symbol of passion and sacrifice, has lain at the heart of our work since 1950. It has grown and taken root, branching out and growing an M around it, as if to protect it, the initial of our surname. For us "enterprise" means family, it means home.
Our aim is to make you feel, with each mouthful of our craft products, with no artificial preservatives, the genuineness of the flavours and the love expressed in the choice of ingredients and preparation, a little bit pampered... just like in your family!
Ours is a story that goes back to 1951. For over 60 years we have guaranteed the authenticity of flavours and goodness of ingredients.
In 1951 our grandfather Francesco, called Don Ciccio, founded the company Francesco Messina e C snc. It was 1975 when grandfather Francesco built the first production unit of Messina Francesco and C snc.
Ever since we were young, we grandchildren have been very interested in the family business, which has allowed us to preserve wonderful memories, linking work to family.
 The interest in this work has grown hand in hand with our advancing age. As early as 1995 Dad sometimes allowed us to go with him to work.
The business has expanded rapidly. We have always believed that hard work will be rewarded. Every year production has increased, allowing a parallel growth of our team.
In 1998 Messina srl was founded. Dad Nino created the Le Sfiziose line to bring our products to Italian tables.
In 2001 Messina SRL opened a temporal shop in Belgium, in the city of Bruges. This experience was exciting and successful.
Messina Maison was created out of the experience of two generations and a perfect knowledge of the production chain, with a line of totally natural craft products.
Our products are all free of preservatives and artificial additives. We prefer raw materials grown on our land, from the grower straight to the consumer. Our recipes are the same as those used by our grandmothers. Every mouthful will be a genuine taste, the result of a crafted process.

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