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Living healthily while respecting nature is the greatest gift you can give yourself day after day

Living healthily while respecting nature is the greatest gift you can give yourself day after day. With this in mind, Francesca came up with Mimina, to offer the world organic, vegan, homemade Granola, baked in a wood-fired oven. The company was born out of the desire to revive family roots, the contact with nature and a healthy lifestyle that often involves manual work and proper nutrition. After a lifetime spent abroad in cosmopolitan cities, Francesca decided to quit her job, return to Italy, move closer to Santa Sofia and back to her loved ones. And so, the small town, which sits among the gentle rolling hills of Romagna, became her place of inspiration for a new beginning and subsequently the birthplace of Mimina.
Passionate about art and travel, Francesca loves collecting ancient objects and rediscovering culinary traditions from the past by bringing together their different flavours and aromas. Born and raised in Germany, she spent her adolescence in Asia. The exposure to such different cultures has greatly influenced her aesthetic and culinary taste. Her studies, which finished with a master's degree in Asian Art and the publication of her research on blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics, led her to work at Christie's in London. Her main role at the auction house was to evaluate ancient objects, closely linked to creating a relationship of trust with the client; this experience was an important life lesson for Francesca. To this day, the blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics linked to Asian art are one of Francesca's passions, because they have a rich complex past and are also the result of the fusion of different cultural influences.
Mimina, or "my little one" pays homage to her grandfather, a true lover of living healthily in total respect for nature. Her grandfather taught her that every single detail is important in the kitchen, to not only make a dish more beautiful but also tastier. Gilberto lived for simple things and for real relationships, something Francesca also discovered on her return to Santa Sofia.
Organic ingredients to savour and enjoy in a 100% natural product.
The organic ingredients are meticulously selected to ensure the goodness and quality of the final product: Canadian cranberry, Mexican agave syrup, Italian oats and hazelnuts... each countries top of the range.
The first step is creating the recipes. Unique in their simplicity, they require creativity and research. In collaboration with a nutritionist and a biologist, Francesca comes up with slow-releasing energy products to give you the right boost of energy for the whole day! 
The second step is finding and selecting high quality organic raw materials. These ingredients are the true protagonists of the products, free from treatments or additives, they bring with them strong and authentic flavours.
The final step is processing the ingredients in the simplest way possible. The process varies according to the type of product, but it simply ranges from a delicate oven to careful manual assembling.
Mimina chooses to work in complete respect for nature. The company's corporate choices reflect its personal values: from recycled paper to organic ingredients, Mimina does its part to protect our precious world.
Only ingredients cultivated using natural methods are used so that none of the raw materials are genetically modified. Completely free from additives and preservatives.
The products are handmade with passion and patience; two virtues that have led to the creation of all the recipes. The wood-fired ovens and our work tables have witnessed numerous experiments. In every production the products are never the same.

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