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Tuttovo is an organic and gluten-free company, founded in 1984 as an egg product processor (egg-based semi-finished products for the food industry), and for over twenty years has been providing quality and reliability thanks to its exclusive production process, protected by patents, which allows for the "delicate" pasteurization of the egg to extend its shelf life. Highly innovative choices have always characterized the company both in terms of production and packaging.
It was one of the first Italian companies, already in the early 90s, to obtain a CE certification for egg processing: one of the most stringent health control protocols (the Veterinary Service follows and verifies every moment of the production process weekly).
In 1991, the company was awarded the Oscar for the most innovative product at the international Cibus fair in Parma and was also the first, at European level, to use both bag in box and tetrapack packaging for its fresh egg products. It has also been recognised for its "Artisan Excellence" by the Region of Piedmont for both its gastronomy and ice cream. In 2010, it obtained the coveted "Maestro del Gusto" certification from Slow Food for its ice cream, which is unique on the market for its high quality and taste.
Tuttovo organic arose from a deep-rooted interest in natural foods and from a desire to respond to the increasingly widespread need for quality, authentic flavours, safety, attention to animal welfare and protection for the environment.
From love for cooking, for food as an expression of Italian culture and history, from the extensive search for quality Natura è piacere came to life. It is the only line of organic Italian sauces that offers true gastronomic tradition, ready to be enjoyed at the table.
Natura è piacere offers a range of sauces with exclusive ingredients: one-thousand-years of knowledge, Italian taste traditions, a unique story, a sense of beauty; authentic elements of Made in Italy.
And of course, high quality and true craftsmanship: exclusively for food lovers!
Italian sauces, of Italian origin, with an Italian history and Italian production, produced for knowledgeable and informed consumers. Gluten-free and in no way contaminated, as no gluten-containing products are processed on company premises. All sauces are listed in the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) handbook, the attested buying guide for people suffering from gluten intolerance. Free from colorants, preservatives and GMOs.
Fragrant and balanced mixtures of aromatic herbs, spices and organic flavourings have resulted in a wide range of superb flavours.
The aromas and flavours of Natura è piacere sauces - classic or pleasantly new, delicate, aromatic, sweet or spicy - transform the mundane ritual of the daily meal into a moment of pleasure.

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