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In the ancient village of Larizzate, in the heart of the Vercelli plain, the cultivation of rice dates back to the fifteenth century, as noted in old discovered documents on a dispute between a local landowner and the tenants of his farmhouse. It is precisely here that the Rosso family farm is located, and it is here - on the doorstep of the estate - that the incredibly precious tradition of Italian rice-growing continues from generation to generation. The Rosso family business began in 1931 at the Tenuta Santa Maria, where even now, time seems to have stopped: between rice paddies and canals. Today, the abandoned buildings that once housed the rice field workers tell the story of the old and almost forgotten history of this territory, but also its hopes for the future, thanks to the family's redevelopment projects, which, in addition to reconstructing an educational laboratory, is about to open a farm shop and a cafe on the grounds of the farm. Today Naturalia is run by Federica Rosso and her sisters Simona and Anna Maria, under the expert supervision of mother Giancarla who has imparted to her daughters the knowledge, pride and passion of cultivating their lands as they once did. Not only to produce excellent, natural, high quality rice, but also new creative and imaginative culinary ingredients, ready to enrich the local gastronomic tradition of Vercelli risottos with a refined and innovative feminine touch that is both demanding and seductive.
Strengthened by its wealth of professional knowledge and skills passed down through 5 generations of farming and rice-growing experts, Naturalia has carefully analysed the true needs of today's market and consequently identified its business mission: to make the best of the natural economic and productive potential of the territory with a view to sustainable development. This comprises the creation of a complete internal supply chain that guarantees top quality processes and products in total respect for the surrounding area, as well as honouring tradition without renouncing the development of new ideas and proposals, such as the industry of ready-to-eat risottos.
Today, Naturalia is a small farm (about 40 hectares) that has embarked on a journey towards quality, such as protecting the environment, product health and its traceability. Only typical rice varieties, such as Carnaroli, are cultivated using said methods, which favour a light rice husk, with the aim of preserving the precious nutrients of each grain, keeping it firm and compact during cooking so that even when simply boiled, its delicious flavour seeps out.
But the real novelty is the cultivation and use of particular flowers and plants to create a new line of original ready-made risottos, a first on both the national and international scenes: I Fioriti! Inspired by the local peasant tradition that has forever made use of these genuine ingredients, Federica Rosso firmly believed in this exquisite vision. After years of gastronomic research and targeted tastings, she succeeded in harmoniously combining the genuine taste of garden vegetables with the scent of freshly bloomed flowers, freeze-drying (not drying!) the freshly picked petals to best preserve those delicious aromas that release naturally when the risotto is cooked.
In 2011, the company presented itself on the market with a new product and brand image, launching an elegant restyling of the logo and packaging, for all the new product ranges and references: a modern, captivating and innovative graphic design, which also stands out from its market competitors for the low environmental impact of its packaging, made using recyclable materials. Information about the company, the product and its origin is clearly stated on the front, the back and inside of each pack, which alternates technical characteristics with serving suggestions and striking photographs of how to prepare and present Naturalia rices and risottos. The importance of "transparency" - linked to the traceability of high quality eco-compatible production - is also illustrated in the choice of asymmetrical packets that allow the consumer to see the raw product.
Naturalia also cultivates barley, soy, and Baldo and Thaibonnet rice varieties in its rice paddy fields, following set crop rotation cycles to avoid excessive use and depletion of the soil and to guarantee the exceptional organoleptic qualities of the final product.

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