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Azienda Agricola Prunotto

Growing fruit in Alba since 1863

For more than thirty years the Prunotto Mariangela Farm has practiced organic farming methods and adhered to the "Agro Food Programme for the Implementation of Regulation CE 834/2007 and 889/2008 ", the only one that allows for healthy crops while respecting both the environment and the consumer.
The farm is a pioneer of organic farming which involves the adoption of environment-friendly techniques which ensure food safety through the sensible use of phytopesticides and fertilizers and the careful monitoring of the entire production process. Right from the start, when planning the orchards, we use plants which are more resistant to parasites, then treat them during the year with targeted treatments. We carefully detect and study parasite numbers and then capture them in special traps installed in the orchards. The natural fertility of the soil is maximised by appropriately rotating crops and green manure, by incorporating specially sown plants (clover, mustard and rape) to naturally enrich it with nutrients. Crop rotation and prudent, gentle farming methods are complemented by the use of humus as fertilizer, totally substituting chemical fertilizers. Weeds are controlled either by "trimming" them or by putting down mulch at the base of the plants, which also provides beneficial effects on plant root growth. Lastly, harvesting correctly is crucial: it is always done exclusively by hand, even if it takes several days, so that the crop is always harvested when just ripe. These methods, used with the support of technicians and specialised facilities equipped with climate and phytotoxic monitors, have allowed us to minimize fertilisation and traditional chemical treatments, providing a final product of exceptional quality and no residual phytopesticides. In this way high quality, healthy fruit and vegetables with remarkable nutritional properties are obtained, providing the ideal raw material to be processed into superior products.
The Prunotto Mariangela farm carefully selects and processes fruit and vegetables without adding any chemicals in order to craft authentic jams, fruit in syrup and exquisite traditional specialities. Fruit and vegetables, all processed fresh within a few hours of collection, form the basis of the farm's production. Traditional, natural processing methods make it possible to obtain a product that enhances the aromas of the raw material and allows forgotten flavours to be rediscovered.

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